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A Few Tips to note when Hacking WiFi. 03-19-2021, 04:31 PM #1
Over the years, I gathered a few Simple `Tricks` for Breaking WiFi Security.

1) MAC Filter Bypass:
Blocked by an AP for WPS or even connecting? Use Macchanger.
macchanger -m XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX [Device]

2) Increase WiFi Adapter PWR.
Let's say your WiFi device is set to wlan1.
ifconfig wlan1 down
iw reg set US
iwconfig wlan1 txpower 30
iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor
(Optional) ^^^
ifconfig wlan1 up

3) Convert Second OUI Portion of MAC from Hex to Dec.
Some Routers have a Vulnerability, whereby you take the last 6 AlphaNumeric Hex Values and convert to Decimal.
An Example being AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF
Convert DD:EE:FF to Decimal, and append it to Reaver with --pin=""

4) Ralink WPS Vuln.
All Ralink Chipsets are Vulnerable to "Pixie Dust" Attack, Ralink is also VERY Common on "Boosters/Repeaters"
Pwn the Repeater, and you got the PSK for the Main AP.

5) Atheros WPS Vuln
Most current Atheros Chipsets are Vulnerable to NULL Pin Attack.
--pin=NULL , --pin="" , --pin=' ' --pin="NULL"

6) Reset Older APs with MDK3/4's Beacon Flood.
If you are blocked by WPS with Rate limiting.
You can remotely DoS the AP by flooding it with thousands of Beacons.
Resetting the Remote Router will cause it to reset the WPS Lock Flag.

If all else Fails, Rouge AP.
Social Engineering is Human's Biggest Flaw.

Peace. Sleepy2

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