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Hey guys. This is my first contribution, I hope you like it.

This is my first C# project, I'm still learning.

Basically, it is a checker based on Selenium WebDriver.

It can be said that this is a "universal" checker, as you can use it on any website, just by creating a JSON file containing the login procedures.

In the checker itself there is a wizard that will help in the process of creating this JSON file.

Feel free to experiment. By default I have already created 3 default settings. Are they:
  • Netflix
  • Pornhub Premium
  • Spotify Premium

Download the checker here: https://mediafire.com/file/m3va0kmh9we1r...r.rar/file

[Image: O36TUWc.png]

It's on GitHub too (https://github.com/NullNeox/ApolloChecker), in case you want to compile it. Any improvement is welcome.
New improvements will come, this is just the prototype. I thought it would be nice to make it available.

These are the VirusTotal analyses:

ApolloChecker.exe (1/67): https://virustotal.com/gui/file/8d86733b...9ad74270ba

geckodrive.exe (0/0): https://virustotal.com/gui/file/255c9d35...6adf4f603d

ApolloChecker.rar (1/56): https://virustotal.com/gui/file/bf11f26c...8aa8b06c8c

I appreciate everyone's attention and apologize for possible bugs, no clean code and my bad English. I'm not from the US.

Any help i'm available in the chat or here in the comments.