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First and foremost, you must register with OGAds or any comparable CPI/CPA network. OGAds is by far the most effective and profitable. This link will take you to a sign-up page where you can fill out your information.

You DO need to be authorized in order to sign up. So, here are a few pointers to help you get accepted quickly.

You DO need to be authorized in order to sign up. So, here are a few pointers to help you get accepted quickly.
1) Describe in full how you want to generate traffic and be honest and straightforward. After reading this, you'll know what to say, so say something straightforward like "I'll be generating traffic using Instagram and YouTube advertisements and marketing" or something like.

2) It requests a list of your existing content-locking websites. Be honest if you're new to CPI/CPA marketing, which I presume most of you are. "I am new to CPI/CPA marketing, but I have experience in internet business through ____, ____, and ___," you might say, and back it up with evidence. Do you have a website address? Please provide evidence of ownership. Do you have a history of PayPal transactions? Include screenshots if possible. Do you have an eBay store?Connect them to it. Make every effort to persuade the manager assessing your profile that you will be profitable rather than a waste of time.

3) Include high-follower social media accounts. You may also include accounts you don't own, as long as they have at least 30k followers. Despite the fact that I didn't include any, I was accepted.
4) A Skype account is required. Makes you appear to have greater internet business experience.

5) Finally, state that you discovered about OGAds from Black Hat World since it is used by almost all of the managers.

If you are not allowed, contact a moderator by Skype or email (you can easily locate them on Black Hat World).

Method 1: We'll use male horniness to our advantage. Male horniness is a force to be reckoned with.
1. Create a snapchat account for a female with a brief and easy-to-remember username (so guys add it easier). To make the account more credible, add a Bitmoji and improve snapscore (simply research how to improve score).

2. Look through the ewhore packs for an attractive female. The images that aren't naked are far more crucial than the naked images!
3. On OGAds, construct a File Locker that appears clean and links them to a link containing that girl's nudes (not Content Locker because File Locker really transfers them to a new URL, creating return customers). Of course, video is preferable. CPI should take precedence over CPA since CPI generates more revenue.

4. Get as many males as possible to add your snapchat as quickly as possible. I like to use Tinder — just pay $10 for premium, create a cute profile with a flirty bio that says "if I swiped right on you, you're cute, and I want you tonight" or something along those lines, swipe right on as many guys as possible, then message them "hi, you're cute, and I want you tonight" or something along those lines,add me on snapchat _____ <3" From my experience, this is the fastest and easiest ways to get adds on snapchat.

5. Chat rooms, Instagram, and other social media platforms can also help you attract hot males to add you. You may automate this procedure by using Instagram accounts with bots.

6. After you've gotten a few males to join your snapchat, upload a video of the female (with the naked bits blurred out) with a link to your File Locker. You may also accept 75 requests at once and then send a photo with the link to all of the accounts listed under "recent," which will be the 75 you just accepted.

7. You're done. You may expect to earn between 33 cents and $1 every app install, and roughly $50 per hour. I began off making $15 per hour, but after a few days of improving efficiency and gaining expertise, I was making $50 per hour.

The more repeats you get, the more money you'll make, so a simple post on Tinder or Instagram with no work can earn you $10-$100 over time.

Method number two
This will be less in detail, but has the potential to bring you a lot more money with a lot less labor. You'll also be utilizing OGAds.
Essentially, you create (or steal) YouTube videos titled "free 1,000,000 gems on Clash of Clans/Clash Royale/any game," or other themes like "Free Photoshop" or "Find out who your Instagram stalkers are."
And simply multiply your Tinder accounts by creating additional snapchat accounts for different (or the same) girls." Use YouTube ads to drive traffic and experiment a little. You can scale up the advertisements and possibly make thousands of dollars with very little labor if you start earning a profit, say if you spend $5 on advertisements and get $15 in return.

If you don't want to invest, instead of using YouTube, you may create Instagram profiles for the same thing and follow a lot of people in the same niche who will follow you back, click on your link, and make you money.