Best Linux tools for Security Professional


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Best Linux tools for Security Professional #1
OSINT which stands for Opensource Intelligence is the Art of using Opensource tools to gather information from the internet. Now days there are dedicated tools to perform OSINT activities. This is importante as it helps and organization Examine external ThreatSense against it's the network, when performing recon they're Examine different Avenues an attacker can gain access on there network, what information the attacker can have and others. Here is a compilation of tools to aide in recon.
  • theharvester
  • the Cipherscan
  • Cmseek
  • Nmap Advanced features
  • Raccoon by Offensive security
  • whatweb
  • Wappalyzer
  • Web application firewall detection (WAF)
  • Fierce
  • Subdomain finder
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