Bukalapak Breach 23 October 2017 - 500K Partial Out Of 13 Million - Free Download


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In March 2019, the Indonesian e-commerce website Bukalapak discovered a data breach of the organisation's backups dating back to October 2017. The incident exposed approximately 13 million unique email addresses alongside IP addresses, names and passwords stored as bcrypt and salted SHA-512 hashes.

About Bukalapak:
Bukalapak is a unicorn and one of the largest e-commerce company in Indonesia. Founded by Achmad Zaky, Nugroho Herucahyono and Fajrin Rasyid in 2010, Bukalapak initially started as an online marketplace to enable small medium enterprise go online.

- This database is 500K Partial Out Of 13 Million records.

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