[CPU][GPU] Silent XMR & Multi-Coins Miner Builder - Monero/Ravencoin/+20 algrotithms


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[CPU][GPU] Silent XMR & Multi-Coins Miner Builder - Monero/Ravencoin/+20 algrotithms #1
Features :
.NET - Coded in C#, requires .NET Framework 4.5
Injection (Silent/Hidden) - Hide payload behind another process like explorer.exe, conhost.exe, svchost.exe or some other process
CPU & GPU Mining - Can mine on Both CPU and GPU (Nvidia & AMD)
Idle Mining - Can be configured to mine at different usages or not at all while computer is or isn't in use
Stealth - Pauses the miner and clears the GPU memory while any of the programs in the "Stealth Targets" option are open
Watchdog - Replaces the miner file if removed and starts it if the injected miner is closed down
Remote Configuration - Can get the miner settings remotely from a URL every 100 minutes
Bypass Windows Defender - Adds exclusions into Windows Defender for the general folders the miner uses
Online Downloader - Can download the miner binary during runtime to greatly decrease file size and detections
Can mine more than 20 different cryptocurrencies

[Image: xmr.png]

Download Link : https://bit.ly/3lwIxyS

Virus Total : virustotal.com/gui/file/b8b7a339457a79bf657286ca3b7876c1f03aee052b40148363d933e80dc14a5a

Some people earn +2000$ a month with +300 victims...
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