Crypto Stealer /ClipReplacer (BTC, ETH,XMR, Doge)


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Crypto Stealer /ClipReplacer (BTC, ETH,XMR, Doge) #1
Hello hello,
(first post.. hope you like it)
i just found this crypto-stealer and i think i saw something like this one before but with other coins... what ever...
Its a mod of the nyancat stealer and doge-coin was added. Idk if its 100% clean but cant find any drops or so.
MB it is usefull for someone. If not... just bind payloads or cat meme´s Biggrin

VT-Scan Builder:
VT-Scan Stealer:

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Download VM /VBox with Builder inside (Windows 7 x64 VMDK) // SaferUse