Deputy Mayor of NY town found with unregistered firearms


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Jul 12, 2021
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Deputy Mayor of NY town found with unregistered firearms #1
NY Post Article

A deputy mayor of a New York village is facing state and federal charges after he was found with a cache of unregistered firearms and fake FBI badges, prosecutors said.

Brian Downey, deputy mayor of Airmont in Rockland County, was arrested at his home Thursday for purchasing a rifle suppression device over the internet. Department of Homeland Security agents had tipped off prosecutors to the delivery of the illegal device, Rockland County District Attorney Tom Walsh said.

“Today’s arrest of an individual who was entrusted by the public to serve his community is a sad day for our county,” Walsh said in a statement. “I pledged during my campaign that if elected, that I would be a district attorney that would act without fear or favor. Today’s arrest is another example of my commitment to the citizens of Rockland County.” anyone surprised?