EXE Editable with Resource Hacker 3 (Execute a bat file)


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Jul 12, 2021
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EXE Editable with Resource Hacker 3 (Execute a bat file) #1
In this tutorial about Resource Hacker and EXE Editable series 3 i will be focus on changing the setup.exe to a much simplier language setup.bat. This will turn possible the execution of bat files from the exe. To personalize the exe the user just need to follow the "Edit with Resource Hacker" prints.

Edit with Resource Hacker

- Change icon
[Image: print1.jpg]

- Change image
[Image: print2.jpg]

- Change exe title name and appearance
[Image: print3.jpg]

The "Edit with OllyDbg" explain in details what is the steps to completly change from setup.exe to setup.bat.
Note: The file available for download below has the exe modified for setup.bat, check the folder "Original Exe" for original copy.

Edit with OllyDbg
Note: OllyDbg must be started with admin rights

1 - Search for binary string (setup.exe)
[Image: print4.jpg]

2 - Setup.exe string found in the dump
[Image: print5.jpg]

3 - Following the expression in the executable file
[Image: print6.jpg]

4 - Editing the string in the executable file
[Image: print7.jpg]

5 - Editing the string in the executable file 2
[Image: print8.jpg]

6 - Save the modified string to file
[Image: print9.jpg]

If you have follow the step by step on Edit with OllyDbg you just learn how to modify a basic exe. OllyDbg doesn't work with all the executables as this is a old method. In recent exes a user need to decompress or unpack the executables before editing.


Password: datagroove

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