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FREE eBook - Advanced Guide on eWhoring - 10+ Pages of Social Engineering


Decided to give away a FREE Trial of my eBook! Most of you know many know me off other forums and communities.

I make roughly $750+ a day on average using advanced traffic methods and a good majority from actual social engineer.

If you focus on ewhoring like it's not just "spam traffic" - it's literally all sales you'll make more and more money.

You'll start to NOT lose sales. Here is about 10% of the ebook that I will be dropping here shortly I do hope you enjoy it.


This is probably the most important part of the eBook that I’ve made.

It’s social engineering TOO many people think ewhoring is just a 2 minute exchange where you say hey to each other and then you offer your packages.

That’s literally what differentiates people that make $50 a day compared to $500+ a day.

The better you are at Social Engineering and Sales in general the more revenue you’re going to generate.

You’ll be able to milk better and the most important thing you’ll be able to close anyone.

Now as I said earlier the traffic sources that are in High Quality are MONEY MAKERS if you can get good at social engineering.

I and many others generate $750+ a day averagely and can provide screenshots or videos if you’d like.

We DONT spam people - We get the most out of them everytime. What if I told you I get roughly $350-$700 AVG per customer I sell? I rarely ever sell anything less than $200.

The reason why is I target HIGH INCOME AREA’S where people are making 100k+ a year and I know how they want to be talked to and I will discuss more now.


Link to download the ebook: