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Gather Proxy 9.0 Cracked - Graber / Checker proxy | PREMIUM #1
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Gather Proxy is a rather multifunctional processor that is designed to search and save various proxy servers to lists. The program interface is English-speaking, but understanding it will not be very difficult. Soft parses proxies from the resource, and also allows you to specify your own source on which the search will be performed.

The parser is multi-threaded, it works quite quickly and efficiently.
A number of additional software parameters include tools such as filtering the list of found servers and ports, a checker and blacklisting, into which you can enter some irrelevant or used sites from which parsing was performed.
The application also supports macro support. You will be able to draw up a work plan, and later put it into operation without your participation.

Information about the Gather Proxy program:

● Collection of proxy servers from the specified URL or the service built into the program;
● Downloading the database of website addresses from a text document;
● Support for parsing of certain types: http / s or socks4 / 5;
● Setting the delay when the program;
● Management of the number of work flows;
● The use of a filter during the search, which eliminates the specified ports, skips duplicate proxies, etc.
● Proxy checker for validity;
● Drawing up a black list for certain sites;
● A tool for exporting found proxies to text documents. Here you can distribute addresses according to Internet protocols, uptime and other characteristics;
● The software settings indicate the collection limit, geolocation data (server affiliation to the country) and much more.


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