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How to convert your gta snapmatic photos into valid big files with AI


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Jul 12, 2021
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How to convert your gta snapmatic photos into valid big files with AI #1
This time i wanna see you how to use your own PC taken pictures.


First at all we must go to the location of the files.

C:\Users\\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\

Then we should open one of the files and in a hex Editor like this one (hxD), if you like terminal then this python version should be good: PyHex

My tutorial will use hxD, is fully working with Windows 10 latest builds  Biggrin

Lets open hxD and go to location. copy all files named PGTArandom-number into another folder.

it should be like this:

[Image: bECqyDY.png]

then change ALL FILES extension to .jpg

but.. it will be boring really?

then open CMD and run this command in the directory you are:

rename *.* *.jpg

i recommend you copy it into your desktop so you will run:

cd Desktop/folder
rename *.* *.jpg


Here comes the technical part of the game  Biggrin

open hxD, then open one of the files renamed.

it should see like this:

[Image: Mbkl85L.png]

but ¿what is that? Confused

well, is hex-coded text with their traslation to plain-text.

we should remove the header (extra-header) that GTA app adds to normal images. ¿but how to recognize it?

easy, first lets take a look to this normal file header:

[Image: OIP.Cd-GVp7LkfFUiWrHNFiRFAHaEc?pid=ImgDet&rs=1]

header contains 4 specific characters. so... let's see first if you will find the header Biggrin



this is the extra header:

[Image: Sb08ahx.png]

let's select it and remove using Supr key (del key in english keyboards).

then save it and voilá!

a working JPEG FILE!!!  Biggrin

PART 3 - Deep Learning Enhancement

wait... we converted the files but is too little  Sad we cannot use it in our mega poster for our big room.

we... there is a solution  Biggrin AI Enhancement (enlarger)!!!

there are several tools for this but i gonna show you this online tool:

imglarger. let's search for it, open the images (once by time, do not try several tries without reloading the page or error will stops you from continue).

[Image: 4UjcNFw.png]

just load our files and then use it and select the scale mode to convert them and VOILÁ. big nice pictures of our work as GTA photographer!


note: i will wait for your feedback