How to get free games for PC (Cracked)


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How to get free games for PC (Cracked) #1
Hey there for the people who don't know what cracked games are, well they are games which are usually paid but you can get them for free. Sadly you are not able to play online usually but if you know of games which are fun to play which have campaigns then you should try and download them. Example games are Watchdogs 2, Gta 5 , Call of duty , Skyrim and Assasins Creed just to name a few but obviously there are more.

Lets get started with this tutorial.

What you need:
1. Decent Internet
2. A computer
3. WinRar

1. Go to this website CroHasIt or Steam Unlocked
2. Choose a game that you would like. For this example i chose GTA 5
3. Click the Download button and you should be sent to UploadHaven
4. Download the game.
5.  Once it has downloaded it should be a zip file, right click it and extract it to Grand Theft Auto 5 it then should be a folder.
6. Click on the folder and run the .exe file.
7. Enjoy your new game!
8. Some of the files might say it is a virus, it is not so do not worry!

Thanks for taking your time to read this tutorial I hope you have learnt something!