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How to Hack Facebook accounts - New Methods [Another Highly detailed Tutorial]


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Jul 12, 2021
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How to Hack Facebook accounts - New Methods [Another Highly detailed Tutorial] #1
Hey guys. I made this tutorial a while back on the deepweb but someone posted it on google so i decided to release it to you guys as well! They are doing this for alot of my tutorials so expect a few more!

Hey everyone,

Once again I am back to write more on Facebook to include other methods.

Please don't leech my tutorials. I work my ass off putting these tutorials together and I deserve all the credit.

I have already written 3 tutorials on Facebook, and you should definitely read all of them since I will include some information that has already been mentioned on them.

Bypassing FB security w/ Pics

[Tutorial] Why you shouldn't phish, keylog, SE on FB.

How to hack FB [Detailed Tut]

Updates will be necessary in the future.

I felt that I merely stated the tools to use on my last tutorial, so on this tutorial I wanted to focus a bit more on how to think through the process like a hacker.

I don't like to spoon feed the steps since I prefer to allow people to use their brains to think on their own, but I understand that not every person has experience with the computer realms and therefore I must be more detailed on my explanations.

Let's get started.

I will cover the following information:

1) Other forms of Hacking Facebook accounts, other than the typical suggestions of RATs, Keyloggers, Phishers, and so on...
2) Hacking Facebook accounts wirelessly
3) Footprinting your victim
4) How you have to think
5) Spoofing e-mails to the victim (Use direct URL)
6) Slightly re-touch RATs, keyloggers, Phishers because I have already explained in dept on my other tutorial.

Let's jump into it.

1) Other forms of hacking Facebook accounts, other than the typical suggestions of RATs, Keyloggers, Phishers, and so on...

On my last tutorial on here.
How to hack Facebook [Highly detailed Tutorial] - Updated methods Re-UPDATED 1/24/11

I focused on these subjects.

1) Key loggers
2) Rats
3) Phishing (Well, not really.)
4) Social Engineering
5) How not to get traced
6) Regaining Access - New Retrieval method

But now for this particular on this new tutorial, I would like to mention how to integrate these kinds of malware into better use to be more efficient in your results.

1. Infected Facebook Applications aka "Drive bys"

(Click here to view)
Credits: Endax

2. Flooding their walls.

A shout to those two guys for coming up with those tutorials since they appeared to be extremely useful for stealing a Facebook accounts.

1. How can this particular application be useful?

To put it simple, what this application does is it allows you to set up something known as a "drive by" within the Facebook applications where someone enters the application and asks them to accept the application to start.

Once they select Run on the pop up, they can be infected with either a RAT, keylogger, stealer, etc...

You should go on the thread of Endax's for more details on how to set it up.

This particular approach is useful simply because everything looks very innocent and the target is likely to fall for it with a higher risk than the other typical forms of attacks.

2. Flooding their walls.

Now you might imagine that once you have an application that has the potential of infecting your victim, how are you going to convince your target to try out your application?

It's simple, simply name the application based on what your target likes. The customization is mentioned more on Endax's thread, so again look into it for more details.

You can spam the hell out of the walls using T0X1CV1RU5™'s method or you can simply send an innocent message.

Flooding their walls is also useful if you want to visit a particular website that has the potential of infecting as well.

If you need drive-bys, you can see use these.

(Click here to view)

(Click here to view)

2) Hacking Facebook accounts wirelessly

1. Surprisingly, I have not seen a single person here on any other communities suggesting this method and yet it's so simple.

Hacking Facebook accounts through a wireless connection is simple, but unfortunately by "wirelessly" I am referring only if you are under the same wifi or under the same network.

It will save lots of time explaining, if I use a video that has been made. So, here it is a good video explaining everything.

Just a side note is to make sure that you get Firefox: 3.6.12

Be sure to click on the descriptions on that video to see where you can download the tools.

2. Stealing Cookies

If you watched the video that I posted above, you undestand how Facebook works by storing cookies on your computer.

You can also steal cookies through a different form, such as this explained on this tutorial.
[TUT] How to steal cookies (Easy)! [/TUT]

The "cookie" is basically the piece of file that maintains the records that you have done on your account. If you get access to these cookies, you can log in as whoever you want.

3) Footprinting your victim

What is Footprinting?

Basically it's collecting information about your target's computer and themselves.

Personally, I like to open a text editor and save any information I can find about them so I do not forget about it if I need use of it in the future.


To put it in the most simplistic language, it's stalking your victim for information that you can use in order to gain access.

Information such as Age, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Parents names, Sibling names, family names, pet names, e-mail are the most common information that you can possible acquire.

Websites such as:






Make it extremely easy to search names, e-mails, etc to dig information about whoever you want. There are more websites in which I personally use to dig information about people, but I will not mention them since I do not want the news station going crazy on a new rage of identity exposers.

Again, I have written tutorials on this subject on how to protect your identity online.

The tutorial itself can be used to test the information of others as well without their acknowledgement.

The tutorials are here:
How to protect your identity online [Part 1/2] [Extremely DETAILED]
How to protect your identity online [Part 2/2][Extremely DETAILED]

All the information that you are able to collect, save it on a text editor such as notepad and save the information.

Do you have the IP of the target?

You can dig more information with the IP adddress. Information that can be very useful, incase if you want to blackmail.

You can read on the subject more in details on this tutorial of mine.
How to track Hackers and attacks Part 1/2 [Super detailed]
How to track Hackers and attacks Part 2/2 [Super detailed]

I covered all the things that you can do with an IP to collect more information regarding your target.

4) How you have to think

This is the classic part of every hacking process.

Any time you want to hack anything, you need the following things:

1) You need a plan
2) You need a strategy
3) You need executions
4) You need results
5) You need to clean up all the evidence

You need to know how to do Social Engineering like a hacker would. Social engineering itself takes lots of clear thinking and noticing every single detail to the point of perfection.

I posted an E-book on the subject if you want to learn like a professional.
The Art Of Human Hacking

You can't simply lie to someone's face online or offline because people aren't exactly stupid.

You have to think exactly what you want to say and how to say it.

You need to know what your target likes, what your target is likely to fall gullible for, what your target dislikes, what your target wants, what your target hates or love, etc...

The other most common form is creating a bogus fake profile and adding them through Facebook by posing as an attractive female or male, depending on what gender they are and their sexuality.

5) Spoofing e-mails to the victim (Use direct URL or Phisher)

Tut on spoofing

This is another form of attack that you can take to fool your target into believing that you are Facebook staff.

Using spoofed e-mails, you can send an e-mail as whoever you want.

E-mail spoofer

Get your self a webhosting and upload the file to use it.


You can use that particular Spoofer that I use. It's someone's scripting, but I edit it slightly so it doesn't go into spam.

You can send them an e-mail such as this:

Hello **,
Your account has had multiple login attempts from Sandusky, Ohio, and we want to verify that your account is safe.
We will need to verify through a few questions.
What is your D.O.B?

What is your confirmation phone number?

What is your current password?

What passwords have you recently changed?

Thank you for your cooperation.
Facebook Staff.

Again, the spoofed e-mail is using Social Engineering to fool the target. You can customize your fake e-mail message however you want.

I can sell you a Facebook phisher for $10, send me a PM if anyone is interested.

That is what you will get for $10, so you can just send them a fake URL using http://dot.tk

Basically, you will see free hosting from 000webhost and then shorten your URL using http://dot.tk

To anything you want like, for example:


You will receive logs like these.
Spoiler (Click to View)

6) Slightly re-touch RATs, keyloggers, Phishers because I have already explained in dept on my other tutorial. (On other forums (deepweb i will be posting more here soon)

1) Keyloggers

If you want a keylogger, you can contact me or use google!

I personally recommend this really good keylogger if you want to spend a bit of extra money with assistance included.


Buy now, the best keylogger and RAT in the market for a good price with a lot help included!

2) RATs

I see the same question all the time, Which is the best/favorite RAT?

-Based on my personal experience, I can say that DarkComet and Cybergate are the best for RATs being free.

You can find DarkComet here: http://darkcomet-rat.com/
You can find CyberGate here: http://website.cybergate-rat.org/mainpage/

I will not go into teaching you how to set those up because there are already a ton of tutorials on how to do that.

3) Phishers

Can't go into the conversations of Phishers since it's against the rules. If you want to buy the one I offer, send me a PM.

I want to say that you should definitely without a doubt read my other threads if you want to make any progress taking over any account. I consider this tutorial alone rather vague simply because I have already explained in more details on the other threads. Be sure to scroll up at the very top for the links.