Leaked Email Project 2 - A JavaScript Search Engine


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Leaked Email Project 2 - A JavaScript Search Engine #1
[Image: Leaked-Email-Project-2.gif]

Leaked Email Project 2 is a JavaScript Search Engine that can be used to index and show any type of content. Build in JavaScript means that it can be easily personalized to do any task you want. This release was build to index databases, combos, and files related to hacking and cracking.

Currently the search index has 278 entries covering mainly databases and the index should not exceed 2 MB of data or the equivalent to 10k entries to work in most devices. This search engine doesn't require a internet connection to work as the engine just need a browser that support JavaScript but to follow the links provided with the index a internet connection is required.

NOTE: Custom edit of this search engine can be made for as low as $20. Contact: [email protected]