Multi-Cracker | NordVPN, CrunchyRoll, Chaturbate and soon more


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Hello there 🙃

So found my old cracker and cleaned it up abit. It currently only support NordVPN and Crunchyroll but if the demand is high enough i will most likely add more sites.

It works by checking all selected modules/sites instead of having to run multiple crackers. It used to be a private version so might still be some bugs but report them and i will patch them.

Here are a few screenshots of the UI:


[Image: b979a8ee2112e36b103b71711fe3ac80.png]

[Image: e15d2038a1034ad884bce58107db6fc6.png]

[Image: cdde52604603799698be287786292474.png]

[Image: 68ec4cd8a03ef7739d74e1a0e4ea9dda.png]

  • NordVPN
  • Crunchyroll
  • Chaturbate

Feel free to pick the cracker apart i have removed all obfuscations. there is still encryption on the configs because i'm to lazy to remove the encryption :P

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Download: OmegaCracker V1.0
Modules: Download

VirusTotal: Omega_Cracker.exe

Fixed some minor things in the configs to make sure they run better and don't need captcha solving. Also added chaturbate config