MVC framework from scratch

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MVC framework from scratch #1
With the amount of the free time I am enjoying because of the global pandemic crisis, I have decided to write a few tutorial for the members who are interested in them. I do plan to cover large field of topics and not just coding, but for my first tutorial I've chosen to write about how can someone create their own framework (following mvc pattern). Keep in mind though, this will never be a production grade framework. I'm just doing this to showcase how frameworks like laravel work and why do people use them.
So whether you are an aspiring programmer who is interested in the inner working of things like this, or you maybe plan to hack it, it's not bad thing to know.
Currently there are 8 9 chapters written and I'll update them periodically, so if you want me to cover something specific feel free to leave a comment below.
1. Intro
2. Structure
3. Bare bones
4. First app
5. Basic security
6. Cookies and sessions
7. Database
8. Recap
9. File handling
10. Localization
11. Templating
12. Second App
13. Emails

So if you are interested you can check the tutorial here:
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