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Jul 12, 2021
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Parallax RAT v1.0.7 | CRACKED | #1
Parallax RAT had been developed by a professional team and its fully coded in MASM.
Its created to be best in remote administration. Parallax RAT will provide you all you need. Suitable for professionals and as well for beginners.
First and most important we offer 99% reliability when it comes to stability. Parallax was designed to give the user a real multithreaded performance,
blazing fast speed and lightweight deployment to your computers with very little resource consumption.
We are a group of developers and we are here to offer quality service.

Parallax Summary.
- Client and Server coded in MASM
-99% Reliability when it comes to stability
- It can either run in Single or Multi-threaded.
This varies on your host machine. The better specs the more efficient it runs.
- Fast Password Recoveries
(Firefox x64 x86, Chrome, Thunderbird, Outlook and more will be added)
- Multi-Port support.
- Lightweight and Blazing Fast!
With little to 0 resource usage. It feels like it was never installed.
- Remote View Desktop capabilities.
- Robust Connection and 100% Encrypted.
Peace of mind knowing that your connections are Secured.
- Support from WinXp to Win10
(x86 and x64)
- Fast Upload and Execute with Confirmation.
- Multithreaded! Control one or more connection Simultaneously.
- File manager: Experienced the best file manager experience in your life.
Snappy, fast with the ability to resume partial download where they left off.
- Auto Task Capabilities and also can manage whichever goes first or last.
-  Report a Bug in the Client itself
- Add Suggestion / Features in the Client itself.
- If you have other concerns you may also Submit Other concerns in the Client itself.

Start Parallax Launcher.exe.
Use Parallax Launcher UI to build your binary (do not use the builder inside Parallax RAT UI, it won't work)
Press "Launch Client" to start Parallax RAT.
You can now safely close Parallax Launcher.

Thanks to the people from xakfor who made and leaked this.

Mirror #1:
Mirror #2:

I try posting pictures and links but I was not allowed? Just trying to be nice and share