Paypal Fake APK Password Logger - 99% Undetected


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Jul 12, 2021
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Paypal Fake APK Password Logger - 99% Undetected #1
[Image: Screenshot.png]

- For Android
- Same icon than official app
- Simple and clean interface
- Logs email and password only
- 99% undetected

- This version is good for small projects that both the owner or the user agree to install.
- Good as a prank to get access to credentials for PayPal.
- It exist legal restrictions to this APK (Check legal disclaimer below).
- Should not be installed to ilegally spy a victim.

Minimum requirements:
- Native, doesn't require any type of permissions from the android to install.
- Works on Android 4.0 or above

Legal Disclaimer:
This tool is an advanced software solution for logging PayPal email and password on Androids.
Once the software is installed it can be removed without requiring third party software and
this tool doesn't require or install additional programs. Please note that this tool is not
intended to be used for breaking into PayPal accounts or for causing distress or money losses
to users who are not aware they are signing in on a bogus app.

Advanced features not available in this tool:
- IP, ISP and location logger
- OS, phone name logger
- Phone number logger

Download: (Pm me for password)

Virus Report:
Not submitted to avoid been detected. Possibly one positive Android.PUA.DebugKey