[Project] Google Paid Search V2 + AdLinkFly + Bit.ly tracking


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[Project] Google Paid Search V2 + AdLinkFly + Bit.ly tracking #1
This project is a script that i develop with the purpose of showing google search results and monetize them by modifying the links. Basically the script makes 3 http requests to 3 different locations. The first is to google to get the results, the second is to a AdLinkFly service (in this script i'm using tmearn.com but the user can change to any other service if the account gets banned or to monetize yourself) and the last is to bit.ly to create some sort of stats recording.

What the visitor needs to do?
To use this search engine the visitor needs to enter the keyword to search and the email to get paid.

What the user/webmaster needs to do?
Bit.ly is used for tracking purposes because the email is encoded with the link before shortening it.

Download 1:

Download 2: