Some questions regarding SE limits


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Jul 12, 2021
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Some questions regarding SE limits #1
First one for PayPal:
When do they get suspicious? I know that you obviously have some legit orders and months between claims/disputes, but what about 'normal' refunds, where the seller agrees with a refund? Might PayPal ask some question why e.g. the last 5 orders where all refunded?

Second one for Amazon (region-specific):
Same as the above, I know that you'll need some legit orders and time between your last SE, when using the same method again.
For example, am I good to go when i act like this?
05.09.2021 - DNA'd Amazon (make some legit orders and wait some time before using DNA again!)
10.09.2021 - Boxed Amazon
12.09.2021 - Used Sealed Box
So my question is, do you also need to make some legit orders and wait some weeks when using an other method, except the one you used for your last SE?