DarkSoft Cracked v1.6.0.9 by OnLiffe


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Jul 12, 2021
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[align=center] DarkSoft Cracked v1.6.0.9 by OnLiffe

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform, with over ten hours of music & audio posted every minute


Multiple accounts support
Set limit of un/followed users in session
Store already followed id’s and don’t follow them again (to avoid suspecting for spam)
Continue session (if someone has 5k followers, first session will start from 1-2000, second session 2001-4001 etc)
Ignore users added manually. Use this option if you followed some users manually & they don’t follow you but you don’t want to remove them


Multiple songs support, bot can scrape all songs from profile/page
Select what you want to add, plays, downloads or both
Stop at certain values
Built in automatic proxy scraper
Bonus premium proxies updated every 5 minutes
To keep songs safer it automatically cycle between User-Agents and use random delays
HTTP requests based, save your bandwidth (thousands of hits takes just few MB)
Send PM:

Multiple accounts support
Send messages to Your followers or followers of given user
Spintax support (for example “[hi|hello|howdy] James” = “hi James”, “hello James” etc)

[Image: p_1839q69ub1.jpg]

[Image: p_1839rvrwc2.jpg]

[Image: p_1839qzuii3.jpg]

1- Execute by Administrator
2- Copy and Paste Computer ID and press "Activate Licence"
3- Pres Ok Buton
4- Execute by Administrator
5- Enjoy by Onliffe Wink


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