[SOURCE] Discord Database Lookup Bot [RIP scylla.sh]


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[SOURCE] Discord Database Lookup Bot [RIP scylla.sh] #1
not working anymore... scylla.sh has moved, will update if they come live to another domain.

Made the other day teaching my friend python, saw a thread in here figured it would be useful for someone!
Enjoy! Biggrin (this is not rewrite, it is extremely gross ik)

(change the domain to this if at the tiime you're seeing this, scylla.sh is still down.
import os
import discord
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import asyncio

client = discord.Client()

#If using pycharm change line
# Change this:
# await message.channel.send(file=discord.File(rf'C:\Users\Woody\Desktop\b\{query}.txt'))
# to where the directory of this script is running.

async def on_ready():
    await client.change_presence( activity=discord.Activity( type=discord.ActivityType.listening, name=".search :" ) )
    print( "\033[35mBot Now Running" )
    print( r"""
Detective Mike bot // Leaked Database Lookup (Free API) By Prevent [Powered by Scyllla.sh]
                                      ._ o o
                                    ,""      \
                                  ,"  ## |  X X.
                                ," ##  ,-\__    `.
                              ,"      /    `--._;)
                            ,"    ## /  .==============.
                          ,"  ##    / <-|W~~DY-W~S-H~R~|->
                        ==============  '=============='
""" )

async def search(arg: str, message):
            query = arg.split( ".search ")[1].split( " " )[0]
            print( "Query: %s" % (query) )

            r = requests.get("https://scylla.sh/search?q=" + query + "&size=100&start=200", headers={'Accept': 'application/json'}, verify=False)
            ipinfo = BeautifulSoup( r.content, "html.parser" )
            strIpinfo = str( ipinfo ).replace( "}},", "\n" )

            text_file = open( f"{query}.txt", "w" )
            text_file.write('Enjoy this piece of fucking shit db search by Prevent x0x0x0 \n')
            text_file.write( f'{strIpinfo}' )

            embed = discord.Embed(
                title=f'__***QUERY:***__: ***{query}***',
            embed.set_image( url='https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543434045741072385/556098401880637440/nicelane.gif' )
            embed.add_field( name='__***SHIT FOUND!***__', value="created by Prevent", inline=True )
            await message.channel.send(embed=embed)

            await message.channel.send(file=discord.File(rf'C:\Users\Woody\Desktop\b\{query}.txt'))
            os.remove( f"{query}.txt" )
        except(IndexError) as err:
            embed = discord.Embed(
                title='Detective Mike at your service!',
                description='*** .search email:querygoeshere***',

            embed.add_field( name='__***1***__', value="User", inline=True )
            embed.add_field( name='__***2***__', value="Email", inline=True )
            embed.add_field( name='__***3***__', value="IP", inline=True )
            await message.channel.send(embed=embed)

async def on_message(message):
    if (".search" in message.content):
        await search(message.content, message)