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Wassup guys, here is some php code I made for my website to count the amount of unique page views.I tried my best to explain each line of code with a comment above.

Create a new file "count.php" and add the following code: 
PHP Code:

/* get the IP address of the user */
   $getra $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

   /* Encrypt the IP address with sha1 in brackets; also get it ready for the next line with \n */ 
   $printip "<" sha1($getra) . ">\n";

   /* get the file name where we are printing our encrypted IPs */
   $getfile "ipfile.txt";

   /* Open that file with read/write access; If it doesn't exist it will create it. */
   $ipfile fopen($getfile"a+") or die("Unable to open file!");

   /* count the amount of lines in the ipfile.txt(AKA: counting how many IP's are on the list) */
   $countipfile count(file($getfile));

   /* read the file we opened */
   $ipget fread($ipfilefilesize($getfile));

   /* if it contains the ip address already, do nothing. 
   If it doesn't have the IP address on file, write it & +1. */
   if(strpos($ipget$printip) !== false){ 

       /* since the new visitor wont see his view on the counter until he refreshes his browser; */
       $countipfile++; /* We account for his IP that wasn't initially counted in the list by adding 1 (because it wasn't there) */
       /* Once he refreshes, his IP is already on the list and counted. */

   /* write the amount of unique visits. */
   $theCount "Unique Website Views: "$countipfile "";

Now, whatever page you want to record the amount of visitors on, add the following code (preferably to the head):
(So if someone views a page with this code in it, their IP will be logged)
PHP Code:
include count.php?>

Now to print your unique page counter, use the following code (make sure the line of code above is included somewhere in the page):
PHP Code:
echo $theCount?>

I hope you guys enjoy this, if you have any questions comment below and I will try to help you Smile