Unpatched Windows 0-Day Bug Is Being Actively Exploited


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Jul 12, 2021
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A zero-day flaw has been recently reported in Microsoft Windows operating system (OS) that is allegedly being
actively abused in the wild.

  • What is the vulnerability?

The bug, assigned the identifier CVE-2020-17087, exists due to the Windows Kernel Cryptography Driver
(cng.sys) revealing a \Device\CNG device to user-mode programs and supporting various IOCTLs with nontrivial input structures. Specifically, the problem is present in the cng!CfgAdtpFormatPropertyBlock function
due to a 16-bit integer truncation issue that might pave the way for a local exploitation to empower the threat
actors to escalate their privileges and escape security measures such as a sandbox.

  • What are the affected versions?

This flaw is reported to affect Windows versions from Windows 7 to the updated Windows 10 1903 (64-bit)

  • Is the bug being exploited?

This vulnerability is indeed being actively exploited in attacks.
Any patch?

Google’s Project Zero team, who discovered this bug, has already reported this issue to Microsoft who,
unfortunately, is yet to release a patch to address the security hole. However, it is expected that the tech giant
will probably roll out a concerned security update in its next Patch Tuesday release scheduled on 10th November


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