Venom Scanner: heavily improved


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Jul 12, 2021
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Venom Scanner: heavily improved #1
[Image: Screenshot-2021-07-11-160123.png]
The project is available: Venom Scanner

I was away for a while but I am back to work on v3n0m in my spare time. This project, as some of you may know, is based on Balthazar's "Dark Dorker" / "Smart Dorker" projects. I lost access to my original account on Github and decided to just fork the repo again and start over. Thankfully, I kept some of my original work from my old drives and was able to git push without issues except for the SSH key being for another user (Github has revoked the original). I've since made a few improvements mostly to the presentation but I'm actively developing features to add to the dorker and testing suite.

Pull requests for any minor or major improvements/code fixes are very welcome, just submit with prefix "Query" or similar.

Full list of features is pretty long.
  • In its current state, it will only work with torrc MAX CIRCUIT DIRTINESS of 10
  • Completely torified
  • Cloudflare Resolver [Cloudbuster]
  • LFI->RCE and XSS Scanning [LFI to RCE & XSS]
  • SQL Injection Vuln Scanner [SQLi]
  • Extremely Large D0rk Target Lists
  • Detects known WAFs
  • AdminPage Finding
  • Vulnerable FTPs Scanner [Toxin]
  • DNS Bruteforcer
  • Python 3.6 asyncio based scanning
  • Cloudflare resolver
  • Extremely quick "Toxin" Vulnerable IP scanner to scan potentially millions of ips for known vulnerable services
  • Largest and most powerful d0rker online, searching 14k+ dorks over several engines at once
  • Free and Open /src/
  • Cross-platform Python-based toolkit
  • Licensed under GPLv3
  • Built by hackers with full transparency

RIP NovaCygni - RIP D4rkC4t - RIP Balthazar