Wifi Hacking noob question


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Wifi Hacking noob question #1
Hi, I'm approaching for the first time to wifi hacking, I was following this guide i found on the forum


Don't know if is a valid one or you could recommend me other ones, since I found it in some points very poorly written and not clear.

Anyways I'm stuck at a point and hope you can clarify me this...
At some point in the guide he says that the instruction, on the Kali VM, "ifconfig wlan0 down” will turn down the wireless card and next in the guide he will use the instruction "iwconfig" that works only for network cards.
So, on my VM there is no "wlan0", I have "eth0", and searching on google I found this

Quote:VirtualBox does not offer a WiFi adapter to any VMs, it's only Ethernet adapters, i.e. wired ones.

The only way that you could access a WiFi network over WiFi would be to use a USB WiFi adapter, which 1) you'd have to capture in your VM, and 2) you wouldn't be able to use on your host.

So this means that I should get an usb wifi adapter to use on my VM, or I am missing out missing something?