4 Dots (Standalone EXE Locker) Unpacker


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4 Dots (Standalone EXE Locker) Unpacker #1
app by me | Softpedia Page (Standalone EXE Locker)

- I am not sure if the application can extract more than one file, but it theorically can, a locked executable also only extract 1 of the files but not the others, but idk
- Tested on Version 1.2 of 'Standalone EXE Locker'
- 48kb, GUI, Dark Themed
- Passwords can be bypassed & dumped
- Not obfuscated, feel free to edit it
- Full project on my github (VB.NET)

[Image: KRcGpX_STtu3IKFB8zH_Tw.png]
[Image: t2uqMxMSREy6jfds-wCPyA.png]
[Image: UCKYe6_ATA_gxAutyOkwYQ.png]