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Jul 12, 2021
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Chilkat Software
more info Chilkat Components / Libraries for .NET, ActiveX, C++, Objective-C, IOS, Android, Ruby, Python, Perl, and Java
Spoiler: Description

Chilkat .NET and Delphi are the name of a component that can communicate with POP3 and SMTP SSH ports, and can be used to build software for working with email, sending and reading from the server.

Features of Chilkat .NET and Delphi:
  • SMTP client to send email.
  • POP3 client to read email.
  • Working with Exchange Server Versions (All Versions)
  • Work with POP3 / SMTP server
  • Ability to connect POP3 and SMTP SSL / TLS
  • Supports POP3 and SMTP SSH port
  • Send encrypted and signed email with S / MIME
  • Read encrypted and signed email with S / MIME
  • Export and import email to XML.
  • Export and import email to eml.
  • Compress and Extract Zip Files in Memory
  • Check the server for email
  • Confirm POP3 / SMTP connection and login to ID.
  • SMTP authentication method Secure support.
  • Add attachments from files or data in memory.
  • Set connection and read interruptions.
  • Size limit when reading email.
  • Delete the email on POP3 server.
  • Copy the email from the POP3 server without deleting it.
  • Fetch email header.
  • Events to send / receive and monitor progress
  • Email UIDLs on the server.
  • Send email using Chilkat SMTPQ for post background.
  • Download email and sort by date and sender and receiver or subject.
  • Set up exaggerated mail for jump handling.
  • Use file-based distribution lists
  • Send textual email with embedded images.
List Chilkat Software Downloads:
  • Chilkat .NET Components
  • Chilkat for .NET Core
  • Chilkat ActiveX Components
  • Chilkat iOS Objective-C / Swift Libraries
  • Chilkat Cocoa Objective-C / Swift Libraries
  • Chilkat for Android™ Java Libraries
  • Chilkat for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • Chilkat Excel Class...

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