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The most detailed cracking tutorial (and maybe the best) - all the tools included


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Jul 12, 2021
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The most detailed cracking tutorial (and maybe the best) - all the tools included #1
Let me to know if you appreciate my work!

In this tutorial, I tried to cover and to explain every single step/thing.
All the tools are included.

I won't say how much time I invested in this tutorial.

Here you have all the steps presented in images, because this forum doesn't let me to upload more than 25 images: imgur.com/a/hLKbkbi.

I. Setting up the cracking environment

You don't wish to get your main PC infected, so you will have to make a virtual machine and/or use Sandboxie.

All the necessary files will be found in the Setting up the cracking environment - pack's archive.

1. Making a virtual machine (VirtualBox)
  - install the program from pack (VirtualBox-6.1.18-142142-Win) by pressing "Next", "Next", "Install" etc.
  - install transmission-3.00-x86 (if you have a 32 bits windows) or transmission-3.00-x64 (if you have a 64 bits windows)
  - now open the file named "Windows 7 Ultimate x64" - you are now downloading a very good Windows 7 for the virtual machine (wait until the torrent is finished)
  - open the installed VirtualBox and follow the next steps:
                      - click on "New"
                      - write a name for the virtual machine
                      - leave the machine folder by default
                      - choose "Microsoft Windows" at Type and "Windows 7 (64-bits)" at Version and press Next
                      - allocate 2048 MB Ram or more if you have a pc with 8-16 GB Ram or use 1024 MB Ram if you have a PC with 4 GB Ram or with less and click on Next
                      - check "Create a virtual hard disk now" and press Create
                      - select "VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and click on Next
                      - check "Fixed size" and press Next
                      - don't change the location (use the default one); allocate 30 GB or more to the virtual hard disk drive, click on Create and wait a few minutes

    - select the virtual machine from list and click on Settings (we will modify them a little bit):
                      - go to General and reselect "Microsoft Windows" at Type and "Windows 7 (64-bits) at Version if they changed
                      - (optional) if you wish to drag and drop folders and to copy-paste texts from your main PC into the virtual machine go to Advanced and select "Host to Guest" or "Bidirectional" at Shared Clipboard and at Drag'n'Drop
                      - in the System tab you can increase the RAM memory (at the Motherboard) and the CPU's number (at Processor) for the virtual machine - I recommend to use minimum 2 CPUs
                      - go to Display tab and increase the Video Memory to maximum (128 MBs); you can check "Enable 3D Acceleration" (optional) - if you enable it you can increase the Video Memory to 256 MBs
                      - go to Storage tab and select the Empty Controller, then click on that disk image from "Optical Drive" and press "Choose a disk file" - now you will choose the ISO image of the downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and click on Open
                      - click on OK and we are ready to install the windows now

    - You will install Windows 7. Follow these steps:
                      - select the virtual machine and press Start
                      - close the "Select start-up disk" window
                      - if there will appear a black screen with a "Press any button to boot" text, press Enter or Space
                      - select a language, a time and currency format and a keyboard and click on Next (you noticed that the mouse is laggy, but we will fix this soon, don't worry) - if you wish to use your mouse outside of the virtual machine, press Right CTRL
                      - click on Install now
                      - choose Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows Ultimate - Office 2016 included if you wish to automatically install the Office Pack (but you won't need it on the virtual machine) and press Next
                      - check "I accept the license terms" and click on Next
                      - select "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)"
                      - I won't make separate partitions, so I'll instantly press Next (I'll have only the Local Disk (CSmile partition) - this is the easiest method
                              - if you wish to make a partition click on New and set the memory, then press Apply
                              - click on OK at "Windows Setup"
                              - if you wish to make a 2nd partition, select "Drive 0 Unallocated Space", then press New, set the memory, press Apply and Next
                      - now wait untill the installation will be complete (the virtual machine will restart itself, don't press any button)
                      - choose a username, a computer name and click on Next
                      - choose a password (optional) and press Next
                      - choose the time zone and click on Next
                      - choose the network (Home Network if you use the internet at home, Work Network if you use the internet at work or Public Network if you use a public internet eg. internet-cafe) and wait a little bit.

    -> To fix the laggy mouse and to enable the fullscreen mode you have to:
                                    - install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.1.18 (I installed it already; there will appear "Install", not "Reinstall")
                                    - install the Guest's Additions:
                                                              - click on Devices and select "Insert Guest Additions CD image..."
                                                              - go to Computer, click on "CD Drive (DSmile VirtualBox Guest Additions", then click on "VBoxWindowsAdditions-amd64"
                                                              - click on Next, Next, Install, Install, Install, check "Reboot now" and press "Finish"

        Now you will notice that the mouse is moving very good and that you can use it outside of the virtual machine without pressing Right CTRL.
        To enter into fullscren mode in the virtual machine, click on "View", then click on "Full-screen Mode" (or press Right CTRL + F). Press Right CTRL + F if you wish to exit from the fullscreen mode.

2. - Install winrar-x64-601b1.
    - Extract and install all the Visual C++ Runtimes from "Visual-C-Runtimes-All-in-One-Mar-2021" by pressing "install_all".


    If you wish to use Sandboxie, extract Provisional.Windows.7.Drivers and install Sandboxie-Classic-x64-v5.49.0 (when you are asked if you have the Provisional.Windows.7.Drivers downloaded, press Yes and select SbieDrv.sys.5.49.0.x64 from the extracted Provisional.Windows.7.Drivers folder).
    To use Sandboxie, simply go to an executable cracking program, press the right click and choose "Run Sandboxed". Select "DefaultBox" and click on OK.

    The cracking environment was successfully made.

II. Cracking LoL accounts (or any other type of accounts) - the easiest old-school method (a good method for beginners)

All the necessary tools will be found in the Cracking tools - pack's archive - download them and use them into the virtual machine which was made in the first part of this tutorial.
Don't download and don't run any of these programs into your main PC. It's not my fault if you don't listen carefully.

    Steps (for LoL accounts):
    1. - Open the League of Legends Scraper program and type "1", then press Enter
        - Select the desired server by typing the right figure or number and press Enter
        - Write a real summoner name of an EUW player and press Enter
        - Choose a number for threads (if you have a PC and a virtual machine with low specifications, try to use maximum 30 threads) and press Enter
        - Wait until you have minimum 50000 usernames (you can have how many you wish) and then close the program
        - The usernames can be found in the "scraped" text file (in same folder of the program)

    2. - Open Botop Combo Utilities (that program was kinda hard to be found)
        - An error icon will appear ("Unsupported 16-Bits Application), but don't close it and don't click on OK; just move it from your screen
        - Click on "Load Usernames/emails", select the usernames obtained from League of Legends Scraper and click on Open
        - Add some passwords or click on "Load Password List" if you have a list with passwords (I will leave a list with passwords in pack)
        - Click on "Start", select the location in which you wish to save the combolist, click on "Save" and wait

    3. - Go on sites with free proxies lists and make a list with some proxies.
                  - Sites: - free-proxy-list.net
                                - proxyscrape.com/free-proxy-list
                                - spys.one/en/

    4. - Open LOL Checker By PJ
        - Click on "Load Combo", select the text file obtained from Botop Combo Utilities and click on "Open"
        - Click on "Load Proxy", select the text file obtained from uProxy Tool and click on "Open"
        - Select the number of the threads (if you have a PC and a virtual machine with low specifications select maximum 30 threads)
        - Select the type of the used proxies and click on "Start" and wait

      This method is not very successful, but it's the easiest and it's kinda a grey hat method. You can still try it.
      This method can be applied for cracking other accounts aswell. But you won't use the League of Legends Scraper. You have to find usernames and/or emails and you will combine them with some passwords in Botop Combo Utilities.

III. Cracking all types of accounts - intermediate method (with dorks, with SQLi Dumper and with databases)

All the necessary tools will be found in the Cracking tools - pack's archive - download them and use them into the virtual machine which was made in the first part of this tutorial.
Don't download and don't run any of these programs into your main PC. It's not my fault if you don't listen carefully.

  1. A. The process of making dorks with generators - the easiest method
        - Open TSP Dork generator hot edition
        - Select the "Dork types" tab and check all the boxes

[Image: amwJCSk.png]

        - Select the "Domain extensions" tab and check the Preset 1 or the Preset 2 or the Preset 3 (or add custom domain extensions in the Preset 4)

[Image: PKZzhvc.png]

        - Select the "Keywords" tab, check a preset (it doesn't matter what preset you choose) and write some keywords related to what you wish to crack (eg. netflix movies for Netflix, premium music for Spotify etc.)

[Image: DWOJ44w.png]

                                  - if you wish to use the "inurl:" search function, you have to write "-" or "+" between the keywords

[Image: 8sQv502.png]

        - Select the "Page types" tab and choose the Preset 1 or choose another preset if you wish to add custom page types

[Image: FR5brQw.png]

        - Select the "Page formats" tab and choose the Preset 1 or choose another preset if you'll add some personalized page formats

[Image: hSlML9I.png]

        - Select the "Search functions" and choose the Preset 1 or check another preset if you wish to write custom search functions (the Preset 1 has all the important search functions, so it's not really useful to add others)

[Image: aBdsFKN.png]

        - Select a number for the dorks which will be generated and click on Generate

[Image: 6C5wJnA.png]

        - Make a notepad, press CTRL + A in the place in which the dorks were generated and press CTRL + C, then open the notepad and press CTRL + V there

[Image: 3XL5cn4.png]

[Image: XVxkPIK.png]

        - Save the notepad and close TSP Dork generator hot edition
              A.1. For targeted dorks (I will target UK for example)
                      - do the same steps as at 1. The process of making dorks with generators, but replace some parameters:
                                    - At "Dork types" check all the dorks which contain "DE"

[Image: LvcHgwH.png]

                                    - At "Domain extentions" chech a random preset (and delete everything) or the Preset 4 and write the domain of the targeted country (co.uk for my example)
[Image: HLgdWpI.png]

      B. The process of making handwritten dorks - a method with a medium difficulty
        - Collect some keywords

[Image: bZS9zNz.png]

        - Write the dorks - here are 2 templates:
                                          - Search function + "keyword" + Page format + Page type  - you can use even more keywords
                                            example: intitle:"netflix-movies-and-series".html?user_id=
                                          - "keyword" + Page format + Page type  - you can use more keywords
                                            example: "full hd movies".asp?page_id=

              B.1 For targeted dorks use the following templates:
                            - keyword1 / keyword2 / ?php= + site:country domain
                              example: netflix / movies / ?php= + site:.co.uk
                            - source: "country domain" + "keyword"
                              example: source: ".co.uk" + "series"
                            - "keyword" adv?id= site:country domain
                              example: "movies" adv?id= site:.co.uk
                            - "keyword1" + "keyword2" / ?php=sec + site:country domain
                              example: "premium" + "subscription" / ?php=sec + site:.co.uk

          If you wish to make more templates/dorks use the following:
          Search functions:                        Page formats:                      Page types:
          - inurl:                                              - .asp?                                    - Action=
          - allinurl:                                          - .aspx?                                  - game=
          - intext:                                            - .php?                                    - gameprofile=
          - site:                                                - .html?                                  - gamelinked=
          - allintext:                                        - .cat?                                      - gameprogress=
          - source:                                                                                            - orderdetail=
          - insubject:                                                                                        - orderid=
          - filetype:                                                                                            - shopcd=
          - cache:                                                                                                - Service_ID=
          - allintitle:                                                                                            - profileid=
          - intitle:                                                                                                - Ordernumber=

      Combine all of those with some keywords to make handwritten dorks.

  2. Finding websites and dump databases with SQLi Dumper 10.1
          - Open SLQi Dumper 10.1 and paste the dorks obtained at A. The process of making dorks with generators or at B. The process of making handwritten dorks in the Main tab near the search engines
          - Activate the VPN (ExpressVpn, NordVPN etc.) or go to "Proxies List" tab and attach some proxies
          - Click on "Start Scanner" - I won't start the scanner - I pasted some injectable sites to show you what you have to do next

[Image: 307ivlO.png]

          - After obtaining minimum 10000 sites, click on "Stop"
          - Click on "SQL Injection" tab, choose the number of the threads (use maximum 50 if you have a PC or a virtual machine with low specifications) and click on "Start Exploiter"

[Image: 6jzQUeO.png]

          - After you found some injectables, add the "email" tab (or not if it is already there) and/or add the "username" tab, add the "password" tab, select the number of the threads (use maximum 10 if you have a PC or a virtual machine with low specifications), right click on a site, click on "Select All", then click on "Start Search" to find the websites which contain emails, usernames and passwords

[Image: WlfGpQT.png]

          - Now you know where you will find the emails, the usernames and the passwords

[Image: vXvqbKW.png]

          - Go back to the "SQL Injection" tab and right click on a site which contains emails, usernames and passwords and click on "Go Dumper..."

[Image: H2LLpux.png]

          - Select the database and click on "Get Tables"

[Image: znyv54h.png]

          - Find the tab which contains the email, the username and the password; check them (you can move the email before the username by clicking on the up and on the down arrows) and click on "Dump Data"

[Image: Aq1LLSI.png]

          - Click on "Export Data", check Custom at the "Delimiter", click on "Start", select a location for the text file and click on "Save"

[Image: E7fytFA.png]

          Now you made the combolist.
          Go to the Netflix Accounts Checker v1.0 By X-LINE, insert the combolist (obtained at 2. Finding websites and dump databases with SQLi Dumper 10.1), the proxies (and choose their type), set the numbers of the threads and press on Start. You will find the working accounts into a notepad (click on "Results" to go to its location).

[Image: tmm7gqR.png]

          Use another checker if you wish to crack Spotify accounts and any other accounts.

Setting up the cracking environment - pack: anonfiles.com/ea4bzfb1u8/Setting_up_the_cracking_environment_-_pack_rar
Password: BNZkhrioaj9q492q490kpabd

Cracking tools - pack: anonfiles.com/0cY161beua/Cracking_tools_-_pack_rar
Password: Nbmitps590hmfvrfnwvio2492

All the VirusTotal links for the .exe files:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 scan: [Image: ideGEMd.png]